About Us


Meet Kathy Friesen

Owner and Instructor

“I discovered Pilates when I took my first sabbatical from “corporate America” about 15 years ago.

“I had long been a believer that regular exercise was the best choice for physical and mental well-being since I came from a family with a history of diabetes and other health issues, and I experienced my own challenges with weight and self-image as a teenager.  After completing a personal training certification, I began working in a fitness club in Evergreen, Colorado.  The club had a small Pilates studio where I learned and was soon teaching classes.  I was hooked!

“It was the perfect form of exercise -with a focus on core strength, stability, and flexibility- to round out my weights and cardio fitness regime.

“I eventually returned to the 9-to-5 office lifestyle, and found that Pilates provided much needed stress relief and counterbalance to the physical demands of deskwork.  After I was able to purchase my first Reformer, I began to pursue formal coursework in Pilates with the hopes of one day returning to teaching.

“I began teaching Pilates in Grand Junction in 2014 and completed my certification in both Matwork and Reformer through the STOTT PILATES® Method later that year.

“When I had the opportunity to purchase the Better Bodies Pilates and Fitness Studio in December 2015, it was the culmination of a dream many years in the making!

“I am passionate about helping others create a healthy, active lifestyle.

“For some, this means regaining strength and mobility after surgery or injury.  For others, this means improving balance and posture affected by aging. Still others want to bolster the hard-to-target muscles which support their joints and core body during challenging physical recreation or sports competition.

“Many people are simply looking for something different than the traditional gym setting or group fitness experience.  Each Pilates class is tailored to those in the group, and one-on-one sessions are also available to focus on individual goals.

“The amazement of new clients after their first few Pilates sessions and the enthusiasm of regular clients as they achieve personal goals make each day in the studio rewarding for me.  Give me a call; I’d love to meet for a free demo and share my passion for Pilates with you!”

Kathy Friesen has lived on the Western Slope since 2003. She enjoys hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and camping with her husband and sharing a glass of wine with good friends.